Video resume tips

What to say in a video resume


89% of recruiters want to see video resumes, and most recruiters improve their perception of a candidate after watching one. Unfortunately, what holds back many great candidates is what to say in a video resume. So how do you make a killer video resume? In this article, I’ll walk you through just a few simple steps that will ensure your video resume boosts your chances of landing that dream job! After you’ve understood what to say, head over to Voomer, where you can easily record, host and share your video resume with prospective employers and land that dream job!

Video resumes are NOT written resumes

The first thing you need to be aware of is a huge mistake so many people make – a video resume is not a recorded version of your regular, written resume. Many great candidates stumble by reading off their written resumes when recording a video one. They each have completely different purposes. A video resume brings you to life, talks about your competencies and contains relatively little information while written resumes are a chronological list of your accomplishments and job titles – not to mention very information-dense. So don’t bother talking about where you went to school, who was your previous employer, and how long you worked there – all that information is already in your written resume! There is no need to repeat it!

How to position yourself

Now that we understand the role of a video resume, let’s think about the roles you are applying to. Are you applying to a sales job where interpersonal skills are critical? Or are you applying to an audit and accounting role where attention to detail is key? Each type of job requires different skillsets – so understand which of your skills need to be on full display on your video resume. This also determines how you want to come across. For example – in a video resume for a sales or customer service role, you have to be high energy and likable. If you are applying for a finance-related position, make sure you highlight how you are a detail-oriented and methodical person in your video resume.

Structuring your video resume

A great video resume is around 60 seconds long. No recruiter has time for anything longer than that. What this means is that you have precious little time to convey information that will make someone want to hire you. We recommend you structure your video resume into three sections:

  • Executive summary
  • An achievement
  • The future

Each of those sections should be roughly 20 seconds long. Lets break down each section:

Video resume intro – executive summary

The executive summary is the most important part of your video resume. You have to communicate who you are and what you are about in a clear and concise way. Here is my resume’s executive summary: “Hi! My name is Patrick, I’m a seasoned recruiter that loves to help people reach their goals. I’ve lived and worked in 4 different countries – so I’m very comfortable with fast-paced environments!” In just a few words you already have a general idea of what I’m about and you’re left thinking “hmm, interesting, tell me more”! This is the hook that will hold the viewer’s attention for the rest of the video resume. Note how I did not break down information that is already on my written resume. There is no need to repeat that information! Think about what you would say in that first section and let me know in the comments and I’ll happily give you some feedback! I usually answer in a day.

Video resume body – showcasing an achievement

The next section of your video resume is where you showcase an achievement or accomplishment. The reason why you want to briefly talk about an achievement is that recruiters like me are always looking for how you accomplished something – your thought process and actions. Written resumes aren’t designed to contain that information – but video resumes are the perfect medium! When talking about that achievement, you want to use an abridged version of the STAR method. That’s when you split your answer into situation, task, action, and results. Just below this paragraph is a video that goes into more detail about that method. Here is the achievement showcase on my resume: “My proudest achievement was proposing and executing a recruitment drive that increased the diversity index at my previous employer tenfold. I did that by challenging and reversing internal prejudices that prevented hiring a more diverse workforce!” I briefly talk about what the situation was, what I did and what the results were. Several competencies are on display – leadership, inclusiveness, and execution. That easy-to-follow structure is music to a recruiter’s ears! Remember to keep the example you use as close as possible to the industry and role you are applying to for maximum effectiveness. If you are just starting out your career, you can use examples from school or your personal life.

Video resume conclusion – talk about the future

The conclusion should be about your plans for the future. The secret here is to talk about how you are an ambitious person that wants to help build something that matters and makes a difference. These are the final seconds of your video resume and the seed you want to plant in the recruiter’s mind is how you will hit the ground running – not because someone tells you to, but because a great work ethic is something intrinsic to you. This is how I wrapped up my resume: “Joining a YouTube channel that helps people achieve their career objectives aligns perfectly with my personal mission of helping others reach their goals. I’d also be able to reach more people than at a regular company, so I’m really excited to apply for this role!” If you want to take a look at how everything looks on video, check out this YouTube video: Wrap up your video resume on a high note and you’ll be ahead of the competition!

Pulling it all together

Great, now we know what to say on our video resumes! Figuring out how to record, host and share your video resume can be a little tricky – that’s why Voomer recently launched a new service that is the best place to record, host and share your video resume so that you can land that dream job!. Not only is it incredibly easy to upload your video, but there are also multiple ways to share your video with recruiters. On top of that, you get AI-powered feedback on your video resume! So you can quickly iterate and maximize its effectiveness – helping you land that dream job. So head to Voomer today and create your video resume today for free! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions I did not cover this article (or just reach out at [email protected]) and good luck with your applications!