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The Ultimate Yale MBA Kira Video Question Bank 2022


Everything submitted. Application done. “Oh wait what?! There is some sort of video requirement?”. Yes, that’s right you’ve just remembered you have to answer video questions as part of your application to proceed – and you definitely don’t want this to derail your application.

We’ve researched an extensive, but not exhaustive, set of possible questions to help with your preparation – and guess what! All these prompts are all built into Voomer’s AI-powered video assessment tools here.

Yales’s style

Yale SOM, like most other prestigious MBA programs, wants to really understand why you want to attend, what drives and motivates you – and especially what you plan to do with your time at Yale SOM.

This year is definitively an unusual one with all that is happening in the world, but we believe that Yale should stick to their usual questions outlined below.  

Keep in mind that the third question usually has a longer prep time, due to the fact that you will have to answer something related to a “raw” case study (if you have no idea what’s that, look up Yale’s “raw” and “cooked” case study method).  Also, since it is case study based, we have no way of knowing what will be asked.

OK so here we go! Brace yourself its a long list. As you know, there is much more to a strong performance than just being confident in potential questions – structure, performance, eye contact, vocal tone matter too – that’s why we created Voomer to empower you to communicate who you are more effectively.


Yale Kira Video Question Bank

1. Where do you want to travel in the world and why?
2. Explain your hobbies
3. What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?
4. What are your personal steps to conflict resolution?
5. Do you think technology divides or unites us?
6. How do you define success?
7. What is your most significant accomplishment?
8. Describe a leadership style you admire.
9. What qualities would your friends use to describe you?
10. How would your friend and coworkers describe you?
11. Please respond to the following statement: “Without Arts, an education can not be accomplished” Do you agree or disagree? why?
12. Do you think the people who raise capital in an organization are the most important part? Why/why not?
13. What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?
14. “As businesses become more global, the differences between cultures decrease.” Do you agree or disagree? Why?
15. Tell us about a challenging work experience and how you handled it.

Your question bank sample is on the way! You can practice live now at!
We’ve not been able to send you a Question Bank, but at Voomer you can start practicing with these questions now.

16. Tell us about how you engaged with a community or an organization.
17. Tell us about your leadership style.
18. How did you contribute to your company/organization?
19. Talk about a team disagreement and how you handled it.
20. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
21. Tell us about a difficult decision and how you handled it?
22. Tell us about a creative solution you designed.
23. Tell us about a shortcut you and a team could have taken, but decided not to.
24. How will you resolve a conflict with your future classmates at the program?
25. Why is now the time for you to pursue an MBA?
26. Tell us about a time when you fell behind on a task/deadline. Why did 27. you fall behind, and what steps did you take to catch up?
28. “The People who we remember most are the people who break the rules.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
29. Tell us about a time when you had to exert extra effort to complete a task. What was that task and what steps did you take to be successful?


Well there you have it, our ultimate list of questions for the Yale Kira video questions. If you feel we’ve left any out and would like us to update the list please email us: [email protected].

If you are curious about how Voomer’s AI-powered video assessment tools can help you to prepare thoroughly for your upcoming Yale video questions, click below to get started!

Interview Prep Tips

Yale SOM MBA video question prep

Yale’s School of Management has been using video as part of the application process at their prestigious MBA program for many years now.

Yale SOM made video a part of the admissions process back in 2014 and sources indicate that the relative importance of a candidate’s video essay has increased over time.  Therefore, prepping thoroughly for Yale SOM’s MBA video questions is a key part of a successful applicant’s journey to admission.

Admissions staff at Yale SOM value the video questions greatly since it allows them to get a better feel for the candidates are, in an environment that is not as staged as a written essay (which some candidates even outright hire ghostwriters to pen them a perfect essay) or relentlessly drill for as the face to face interview.

What to expect

Questions on the video questions tend to mix up classic MBA application questions (for example, “why do you want an MBA from Yale”, “what is your greatest achievement”, etc) with questions that would probably never make it to a formal face to face interview, such as “where do you want to travel to?”.  This gives credence to what admissions has publicly stated as the purpose of the video interview – to simply get to know the applicant.

Recording the Yale video questions is a relatively straightforward process.  The interview is run on a platform managed by a company called Kira Talent.  You have to answer three questions.  Those questions are delivered in the form of a video recording, one at a time.  For the first two questions, the applicant has 20 seconds to prepare an answer after listening to the question and 30 seconds to respond.  The third question has a prep timer of 60 seconds and the response time is 90 seconds.  There are no retries!

2020 Yale video questions

Yale’s first two video questions are fairly typical of MBA application video submissions, but the third is decidedly unique.

The first question revolves the question of why you chose to pursue an MBA.  This can be phrased in several different ways but the question is essentially the same – make sure to have that answer ready to go.

The second question is typically a behavioral question.  If you’ve ever been through an interview that asks you about “your greatest challenge” or “a time you had to resolve a conflict between two teammates” – those are behavioral questions.  You should always answer those questions drawing from your past experiences.  Give them context, tell them what do you did improve the situation, and what was the result of those actions.

The third question is more complex and draws on Yale’s use of “raw” and “cooked” case studies.  “Raw” case studies are when the information is presented to you in an unstructured, unconsolidated way – much like you’ll find information in the real world!  On the third question, you will be presented with some information and you need to demonstrate the ability to handle complex issues quickly and convincingly.

MBA Video Interviews are becoming increasingly important, but finding the right setting can be a challenge.

To be absolutely clear: You only have one chance to record those answers!  There are no retries!  Once you’ve recorded your answer there is no way you can record again.  The only exception is if there is a legitimate technical issue and the Kira staff verify that video was not captured or there was some other sort of problem.  If you ask Yale admissions to redo the video interview without a valid technical reason, your application will probably be flagged and not in a good way.

Your question bank sample is on the way! You can practice live now at!
We’ve not been able to send you a Question Bank, but at Voomer you can start practicing with these questions now.

How to prepare for the video essay

A good way to avoid stressing out due to technical issues is testing the Kira platform before you start answering the Yale questions.  Kira has a helpful section on their website that explains in great details the technical step-by-step of recording video and what to do in case there are any technical issues.

Another big thing to look out for when preparing for the video interview is how unnatural it is to record yourself talking into your camera.  Everyone does selfie videos but this is quite a different experience!

Make sure you do lots of practice runs to familiarize yourself with recording video without anybody else on the other end.

Get ahead of the competition

Voomer is a great way to get that practice since it was built from the ground up with this scenario in mind.  When it comes to doing well on interviews, there is only one way to improve and get ahead of the competition – practice, practice and more practice.

Questions on Voomer match what you’ll get on the Yale video interview and after going through a set of questions, you’ll get an artificial intelligence powered report on your results with specific, actionable steps you can take to improve your performance.

Your response is broken down into multiple components and analyzed individually and then as a whole.  From delivery to content to body language and camera settings.