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Rotman MBA interview questions and strategy


Congratulations on getting an invitation to a University of Toronto Rotman School of Management interview!

The MBA at Rotman is one of Canada’s – and the world’s – most prestigious and competitive programs.  You’ve made the right choice looking for more information on how to ace the Rotman MBA interview.

Keep in mind that Rotman uses two types of interviews.  The “regular”, face to face (or Skype/Zoom) interview and an asynchronous interview, which Rotman calls the “video essay“, which is done on a platform called Kira Talent.  More details on that one towards the end of the article.

After reading this article, make sure you stop by Voomer to practice for your interview.  You’ll also get AI-powered feedback on your answers to make sure you nail the actual interview.

Rotman’s interview style

Rotman’s interview process is relatively standard for MBA interviews.  

You’ll be interviewed by someone from Rotman’s admissions committee and they will have access to your entire application – test scores, essays and letters of recommendation.  Make sure to re-read your application since you will probably be asked some probing questions.

Despite the above, Rotman interviews are generally conducted in an amicable way, usually lasting between 30 and 40 minutes.



Rotman’s video essay, or Kira style interview

Rotman also has a video essay requirement, which is very similar to an interview, with the notable difference that there is no one asking questions – you’ll be shown pre-recorded videos with questions from the admissions team.  Then, you have to record yourself answering them.

The main issue with the video essay is that people usually get very uncomfortable recording themselves.  The best solution here is to practice with a platform like Voomer, that replicates the experience very well, so you won’t be surprised when you have to record your actual responses.

Your question bank sample is on the way! You can practice live now at!
We’ve not been able to send you a Question Bank, but at Voomer you can start practicing with these questions now.

Rotman MBA interview questions:

Keep in mind that these questions can be asked either on the regular interview and on the video essay, so be prepared!

  1. If you can have a gap year after your MBA, what would you do?
  2. If you can choose a color to represent you, what would you choose?
  3. Why do you want an MBA?
  4. Why do you want to come to Rotman?
  5. Why do you want an MBA now?
  6. What would you like to tell your future classmates?
  7. Tell me about an activity you enjoy.
  8. What was the greatest advice your first boss gave you?


9.  What was the biggest risk you’ve taken so far?

10.  How would your co-workers describe you?

11.  Identify an influential figure in your lives, and why

12.  What do you do for fun?

13.  What are your passions, interests, and hobbies?

14.  What would you do on a rainy Sunday afternoon?

15.  How have you handled a difficult interaction? What did you learn from it?

16.  Tell me about a time you failed.

17.  Tell me about a time when you were pushed to your limits at work.

18.  How would your friends describe you?


Even though Rotman does not stray too far from the norm when it comes to its MBA interviews, it pays to practice – and practice a lot.  Ultimately, it is repetition that will make you feel more at ease with the format, the questions and answering them in a clear, concise and convincing way.

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