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What is a Pymetrics interview?

What is a Pymetrics interview?

Simply put, a Pymetrics interview is a relatively novel method that companies use to screen job applicants quickly. Pymetrics has two types of interviews. One of them is a series of games, which we won’t cover in this article. We’ll focus on their one-way interview where you will record yourself answering questions. You can complete a Pymetrics interview at any time as long as it is before the interview’s deadline. Regular interview conventions still apply! Ensure you are prepared for your Pymetrics interview (use a free service like Voomer), research the company you are applying for, and dress as if you are headed to a regular, one-on-one interview.

What questions will be asked in a Pymetrics interview?

Questions asked in a Pymetrics interview fall into two major categories:

  • Motivational questions: These will ask why you want to work at the organization you’ve applied to, why you are interested in that role, etc
  • Behavioral questions: These questions will probe your competencies and need to be answered using concrete examples

You can check out some Pymetrics questions in this article. Depending on the role you are applying to, you might be asked technical questions, but that is an exception and we rarely see questions that are not motivational or behavioral.

What can I expect from the interview?

A Pymetrics interview will always follow these steps:

  1. You’ll receive an email from the organization you applied to with a unique link. Do not share it with anyone!
  2. Click the link and head to the Pymetrics website to begin your interview
  3. You’ll get a chance to test your camera and microphone. Make sure they are working
  4. Next, the first interview question will be displayed. Typically this is as a short video, but sometimes the questions are displayed as text
  5. A timer will begin counting down. That is the time you have to prepare your answer. This timer will typically last 30 seconds. You can skip this timer if you like. The question will remain on screen while the count-down timer is running. You are NOT being recorded at this stage.
  6. Once you’ve skipped the answer prep timer (or let it count down to zero), Pymetrics will start recording you – this is your cue to answer the question. Another timer will start counting down, this is the time you have to answer the questions. Typically it is 120 seconds long (two minutes)
  7. After you are done answering the question and the timer has not reached zero yet, you can click on the “submit answer” button to stop the recording
  8. The next question will then be displayed and the above steps repeat themselves until there are no more questions

On occasion, you’ll also have to answer some multiple-choice or written questions. However, those questions are usually very simple, such as “do you have a valid driver’s license”. The video questions are the tricky ones, not the multiple-choice/written questions!

How do I ace the Pymetrics interview?

Simple – practice! You might know what a Pymetrics interview is – but it is a completely different thing to be looking at your computer and have to answer a question live. Head over to Voomer where you can practice on Pymetrics style questions and use their AI-powered tools to quickly improve and land that dream job!