Interview Prep Tips

Recruiters: How to prepare your candidates for a video interview

When your perfect candidate gives you a hard time!

As recruiters, we’ve all been there.  The easy hire that turns into a train wreck.

You find a great candidate, the resume looks great, with the right experience, the right competencies and they do great on the screening interview.

Unfortunately, sometimes your candidate is their own worst enemy after you hand them off to the hiring teams!

With the increasing popularity of video interviews, many candidates who already had a hard time with regular interviews crash and burn – especially with recorded (or asynchronous) video interviews on platforms like HireVue, Sonru, and Modern Hire.

This guide will help you set up your candidates for success and discuss some interesting new developments in the recruiting space such as video profiles. If you want your candidates to rise above the competition with video profiles, contact Patrick at [email protected]

The basics – Hardware

Your candidate will be on video.

That means they have to be seen and heard. If those two items aren’t on point, the candidate starts off on the wrong foot.

When it comes to lighting, make sure that there is a lamp placed behind the camera or laptop (see below), so that the candidate’s face is illuminated.

Raised laptop with lamp.
Tell your candidate to raise their camera to eye level and place a lamp behind the camera. 

Make sure the candidate turns on the lights in the room where they will take their live or recorded video interview. Having a well-lit face while it looks like you are in a cave does not help!

As you can see on the above image, make sure your candidate raises their laptop or camera to eye level. This simulates eye-to-eye contact and gives you a great look. Many candidates neglect this – a low camera will end up recording them with an unflattering angle!

When it comes to being heard, audio quality is key. Many candidates just use whatever onboard microphone their laptop has for their video calls and will use the same for the video interview. If you’ve seen a YouTube video with bad audio quality right after one with good audio quality – you know what an impression hearing your voice clearly can make on the hiring manager.

Strongly suggest your candidate invests as little as $10 in a standalone lapel microphone. The difference in audio quality is huge and will help with the first impression.

Intermediate level – Understanding video interviews

Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, it’s time to brief your candidate on the interview format and how to answer.

Recorded video interviews are usually where the candidate’s competencies will be probed. Make sure they understand what competencies are and what behavioral questions look like.

The second step is to talk to them about the STAR method of answering these questions: Situation, Task, Action, Result. There are several videos and blog articles that go in depth on how to use the method, we suggest sending your candidate this one:

The other type of question they have to be prepared for is the motivational question – the classic “why do you want to work here”. Tell your candidate to give that a little thought before they jump into the interview!

Advanced – Thinking ahead as a recruiter

So you’ve given your candidate a thorough brief of what to expect and how to tackle the challenges of a video interview.

But if you want to go above and beyond for your candidate, one way forward-thinking recruiters are positioning their candidates at the top of the pile is for them to have a video profile.

This is shared along with the candidate’s resume and has the benefit of instantly sets them apart from the competition.

Video profiles typically contain an “about me” section and recordings of the candidate answering some common behavioral questions. This dramatically speeds up the hiring process for your candidate.

How to ensure your candidate shines

At Voomer, a leader in AI-powered video interview prep, we’ve started a pilot program where candidates create video profiles and share them with hiring managers along with their resumes.

If you want to make your candidate shine with a video profile and land that job quickly, contact Patrick at [email protected]!