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Goldman Sachs HireVue Research

In this post, we do a deep dive on pre-interview research in helping your prepare for your HireVue with Goldman Sachs. From looking at the firm itself to fundamental headline stats your research will set you up for success. If you want an end-to-end guide on preparing for your HireVue, check out our post here. Let’s get started!

There are six key steps to ensure that you have prepared your foundational research for your HireVue:

  1. Research the firm
  2. Research the division
  3. Build global news awareness
  4. Know fundamental stats
  5. Conduct a PESTEL analysis
  6. Review recent executive movements

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Research the firm

Form 10K: As with any other US public company, your first stop for research should be Goldman’s Form 10K. The Form 10-K, as well as other mandatory SEC filings, can be found in the SEC’s EDGAR database. Why exactly is the Form 10-K so useful that we’ve said it four times? That’s because it contains a comprehensive summary of financial performance.

Company history, organizational structure, executive compensation, equity, subsidiaries, audited financial statements, and a discussion of current expectations and business conditions are often found here. This cues you into potential avenues to explore, or key factors that have led to historical decision-making. We have one question: Could an applicant ask for more?

The reality of course is that given that time is always a constraint you will probably not read the 10K end-to-end. However, keep your eyes peel for unexpected statistics and non-mainstream perspectives on the variety of economic and structural risks and opportunities ahead.

For up to the minute updates on Goldman we suggest using a financial news outlet’s company search feature, such as our favorite, The Financial Times’ company search tool, here. This will cue you not only to Goldman news, but transactions, deals, and areas Goldman positions itself as a clear thought leader.

Research the division

For division research, A news platform’s company search tool can provide a great start. Build a filter around the specific topics and metrics you expect your selected divisions are interested in. If IBD (Investment Banking Division) is your focus you might want to look at cross-industry and cross-market effects on stock prices. If markets, consider what is moving the market right now, and what is the story behind current volatility (or lack of) in the market as a whole and particular groupings of stocks. Have a perspective on GameStop and Crypto!

Build global news awareness:

Make it a habit to check in with CNBC just before or just after you check social media, or if you struggle to do that just follow CNBC on Facebook. Remember to keep abreast of any major changes in geopolitics and especially news that is relevant to your division. Open up a GoogleDoc and keep notes as to the topics of interest and update when you see new headlines. Remember that Form 10-K, how and where do these stories tie into Goldman’s current situation?

Know fundamental stats:

Know the price of Oil, Gold, and Bitcoin. Both the general levels Oil, Gold, and Bitcoin vary around and a specific price on the day of an interview. It is not likely to come up in the HireVue video interview but it is great practice for being ready for in-person interviews and not making a silly faux pas by saying Brent crude is $500 a barrel and Gold is currently at $75, and a bitcoin is $1000.  If you struggle with memorizing make sure you know the order of magnitude of the values and add them into finance apps on your phone. Build a habit.

Conduct a PESTEL analysis

Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal. Get a sheet of paper for each of these and create a mindmap, or use a tool such as MindNode on your phone or laptop. What are the main issues in each of these areas that are producing opportunities, risks, or both for Goldman today? Maybe that Form 10K seems incredibly useful now, eh? Think both at the high level of global trends which are bringing sweeping change to the industry, and specific events that are having a collateral impact of note on Goldman in particular – are there any events that are having a greater effect on Goldman versus competitors – or any that competitors are feeling the brunt of and Goldman is not impacted by. Why?

Review recent executive movements

No, we are not talking about following executives on a motorcycle to a private jet to figure out where the next big deal is happening… we are asking: Where are the recent executive hires? Are there any positions that are currently unexpectedly open within the firm? Is there someone new in the division looking to create their legacy? What transitions are taking place? Why? All of this foundational knowledge can help you tie in answers and link your experience to current-day events in the company.

In this section, we explored the fundamentals of research in preparing you for success in an interview with Goldman Sachs. From looking at the firm itself to headline stats research, research will set you up for success. Now we have the basics in place, let’s progress to prepare for the recorded interview itself!


Well, there you have it. Our deep dive into how to research for your upcoming HireVue will put you on the path to success. If you have any questions that or have ideas for us to update the post please email us: [email protected]

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