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The Ultimate Oxford MFE Interview Question Bank


Oxford’s MSc in Financial Economics (MFE) at Oxford’s Saïd Business School is a highly competitive, intense, full-time, nine-month long program that has become extremely sought after by people wanting to join the world of finance, private equity, venture capital and similar industries.

The program is very quant-focused and rigorous, don’t expect to talk your way through this program.  Unsurprisingly, the admissions process as a whole reflects this and the interview takes the pressure to another level.

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What MFE admissions is looking for

While MFE graduates certainly go on to be leaders in the organizations they work at, the focus of the MFE program is quite different from most other business-focused masters programs.  

MFE admissions are looking for people that will take the application and study of cutting-edge finance and economics to the next level.


Therefore, at the interview admissions expects you to be highly versed in the foundational quantitative tools you will need to progress in the program and contribute to class.  Expect a highly technical interview, usually with a short case study where you will need to work on some calculations.  

That being said, the interview is not all doom and gloom – if you have a solid quantitative background and studied some economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics) and finance, the questions should not be particularly demanding.

On top of that, the MFE interview does have a classic motivational section (think “why do you want to do this program”) that will make the less quant-inclined applicants slightly more relaxed.  However, don’t underestimate the motivational section.  If the person interviewing you doesn’t think you have a good motive to join the MFE program, they won’t be that impressed with your calculus 3 grades.

You’ll also have to answer some questions on a virtual interview platform called Kira.  Questions on that platform are mostly behavioral with a few motivational questions thrown in.

For the few motivational and behavioral questions you’ll face, use the STAR method to frame your answers. That helps you keep track of what you said and also makes the interviewer’s life easier!

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Oxford Said MFE Interview Question Bank

Motivation questions:

1. Why do you want an MFE?
2. Why are you interested in the Oxford Said Business School?
3. How long have you been considering doing a MFE and why now is the right time?
4. What specific skills are you looking to gain at Oxford?
5. What is unique to Oxford MFE that you are attracted to?

Technical questions:

1. Assume 𝑈 (𝑥, 𝑦) = 4(𝑥)^0.5 + 10. What is the Marginal Rate of Substitution of y for x when x=2 and y=4?
2. Sally likes pork Ribs (R) and Chicken wings (C). Her utility function is 𝑈(𝑅, 𝐶) = 10𝑅^2𝐶. Her weekly income is $90 which she spends exclusively on R and C. The price for a slab of ribs is $10 and $5 for a piece chicken.  What is Sally’s consumer problem?
3. Given the above information, what is Sally’s optimal bundle?

4. Given the above, what is Sally’s demand function for ribs?
5. An investment is expected to yield $300 in 3 years, $500 in 5 years, and $300 in 7 years. What is the present value of this investment if our opportunity rate is 5%?
6. An initial investment of $400,000 will produce an end of year cash flow of $450,000. What is the NPV of the project at a discount rate of 10%?
7. In a certain country, GDP grows at the exact same rate every year. In 1990, GDP was at 100, and in 2000 it was at 200.  Will this country first reach four times the GDP of 2000, or twice the GDP of 2010?
8. Briefly explain the causes of the 2008-2009 financial crisis.


Well, there you have it, a list of questions for the Oxford Said MFE interview that will put you on the path to getting accepted there. If you feel we’ve left any out and would like us to update the list please email us: [email protected]

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