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How to answer the LBS MBA video essay questions


LBS’s video essay has been around for a few years now and is an integral part of admission’s assessment of each candidate.  Read on to understand what LBS’s style is so you can get into that dream MBA.  Remember to practice your answers to the video essay and interview on a platform like Voomer.

Style guide

LBS has ranked consistently at the top of MBA rankings and that is in part due to its strong, vibrant culture.  Being aware of its culture when answering your video interview questions is key to a strong application.

  1. LBS is traditionally seen as a program focused on finance.  Though LBS obviously excels in other areas, if you have solid experience in finance or plan to take your next steps after graduation in finance, make sure to bring that up in one of your answers.
  2. The program tries to foster a strong sense of teamwork among the students.  That even comes through in the requirements for their application.  Bring up any particularly noteworthy team building experience in your responses.
  3. LBS makes a concentrated effort to be a global business school with global appeal.  If you have international work experience, you have to figure out a way to sneak that into one of your answers.

Your question bank sample is on the way! You can practice live now at!
We’ve not been able to send you a Question Bank, but at Voomer you can start practicing with these questions now.


LBS requires you to answer only two questions rather than the usual three that most other MBA programs require.

The first one is usually a variation on the usual “why do you want an MBA and why at LBS?” that you will see essentially at every MBA program you apply to.

The second one focuses a lot more on behavioral questions which I have written extensively about here.  For the likely questions that will be asked in the second question, you can take a look at another recent blog post of mine which contains many of the recently asked questions.


Stay humble, show admissions you did your research and try and highlight the occasions where teamwork was key to your success.  That is what the LBS MBA admissions team is looking for in the video essay and video interview responses.

The other extremely important thing is to practice.  Answering these questions as best you can takes some mental organization and preparation.

Use a platform like Voomer to prep for the essay and interview.  They use the same question bank as LBS admissions does and have AI-powered analysis tools that evaluate your responses so you can improve quickly.

Interview Prep Tips

LBS MBA Video Interview Prep


The London Business School (better known by its acronym LBS) is one of Europe’s most prestigious business schools.  90% of the class comes from outside the UK and on average, candidates have 5.5 years of work experience.

LBS introduced video as part of the application process at their MBA program around 2016.  It has quickly become a key part of an applicant’s submission package – a trend we see over and over across universities that use video in admissions.  Therefore, prepping thoroughly for LBS’s MBA video interview is a key part of a successful applicant’s journey.

Admissions staff at LBS value the video interview greatly since it allows them to get a better feel for who they are in an environment that is not as staged as an essay (where some candidates outright hire ghostwriters to pen them a perfect essay) or relentlessly drilled for as the face to face interview.  

We recently made a video that goes over some of the things I’m going to discuss in this article.  Take a look at the video but read on for more!

After you are done, make sure to swing by Voomer to practice for your interview and get AI-powered feedback on your answers.

What to expect

Questions on the video interview tend to mix up classic MBA application questions (for example, “why do you want an MBA from LBS”, “what is your greatest achievement”, etc) with questions that are highly focused on gauging the applicants capacity to work with a very diverse set of classmates, so expect questions such as “why is teamwork important?”.  This makes sense since LBS admissions is trying to build extremely diverse cohorts.  They are not trying to play tricks and ask “gotcha” questions, their intention really is to get to know you better.

Recording the LBS video interview is a relatively straightforward process.  The interview is run on a platform managed by a company called Kira Talent.  You have to answer two questions – usually randomly drawn from a question bank.  Those questions are delivered in the form of a video recording, one at a time.  After hearing each question, the applicant has 40 seconds to prepare an answer and 60 seconds to respond.

Make sure you prep for LBS's video interview
Preparing for LBS’s video interview

To be absolutely clear: You only have one chance to record those answers!  There are no retries!  

Once you’ve recorded your answer there is no way you can record again.  The only exception is if there is a legitimate technical issue and the Kira staff verifies that video was not captured or there was some other sort of problem.  If you ask LBS admissions to redo the video interview without a valid technical reason, your application will probably be flagged and not in a good way.

Your question bank sample is on the way! You can practice live now at!
We’ve not been able to send you a Question Bank, but at Voomer you can start practicing with these questions now.

How to prepare for LBS’s video interview

A good way to avoid stressing out due to technical issues is testing the Kira platform before you start answering the LBS questions.  Kira has a helpful section on their website that explains in great details the technical step-by-step of recording video and what to do in case there are any technical issues.

Another big thing to look out for when preparing for the video interview is how unnatural it is to record yourself talking into your camera.  Everyone does selfie videos but this is quite a different experience!  

Make sure you do lots of practice runs to familiarize yourself with recording video without anybody else on the other end.

Voomer is a great way to get that practice since it was built from the ground up with this scenario in mind.

2020 LBS video interview questions

Questions on Voomer match what you’ll get on the LBS video interview and after going through a set of questions, you’ll get an artificial intelligence-powered report on your results with specific, actionable steps you can take to improve your performance.

Your response is broken down into multiple components and analyzed individually and then as a whole.  From delivery to content to body language and camera position.