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JetBlue HireVue interview questions and strategy


JetBlue receives thousands of applications per year and competition is extremely tough. To speed up the processing of so many applicants, JetBlue started using HireVue some years ago and this is a mandatory step for all!

The HireVue interview – or video interview – is one of the first knock-out stages on your road to a career at JetBlue, so acing this stage is critical for your success.  

JetBlue uses HireVue to screen thousands of applicants per year.

In this article we’ll discuss many JetBlue HireVue interview specifics and how to prep for the interview.  

Make sure you practice for your interview on a platform like Voomer, where you can answer past and present questions in an environment that looks a lot like HireVue’s – building up your confidence for the big day!

Practicing on Voomer is the only way to get something this article can’t help you with – confidence!

JetBlue HireVue interview – what to expect

JetBlue’s HireVue interview is sent out relatively early in the application process, however, we’ve seen some cases where the HireVue invitations have taken over a month to hit an applicant’s inbox.  So don’t stress out if you submit an application and don’t instantly get invited for the HireVue.

When you finally get called up for a HireVue, you’ll get a link sent to your email. You can do the email on your phone or on a computer – as long as it has a webcam.  We recommend using a laptop since they usually have an integrated webcam and you’ll minimize camera shake.

After you click on the link for your HireVue interview, you’ll be shown a few introductory videos – which you can skip if you like.  When the actual interview starts, you will click a button to display the first question.  A countdown timer will appear which displays the amount of time you have to prepare your answer. Usually, this is about 30 seconds.

After the prep timer winds down to zero (or if you choose to click on a button that skips the prep timer ahead) HireVue will start recording. You’ll usually have about 2 minutes to answer before HireVue cuts you off.

This process will repeat itself 3 to 5 times until there are no more questions for you and the interview is over.

JetBlue HireVue interview specifics

Before you start your JetBlue HireVue, understand that JetBlue HR wants to find people that have a good match with JetBlue’s values and will be long-term, happy employees.

This means you should understand what JetBlue’s values are and make sure that you weave those values into your answers – this applies to the HireVue and to the in-person interview!  Jet Blue’s values are:

  1. Safety
  2. Caring
  3. Integrity
  4. Passion
  5. Fun

So make HR’s life easy!  Give them what they are looking for in your answers and you’ll get an easy pass into the next stage.

Your question bank sample is on the way! You can practice live now at!
We’ve not been able to send you a Question Bank, but at Voomer you can start practicing with these questions now.

Before your JetBlue HireVue interview

Before heading into your interview, make sure you go through our pre-HireVue checklist, which we go into detail in this article here.

That will ensure that you are ahead of the crowd before you even answer your first question! We discuss lighting, background, attire, sound quality, and more.

To really make sure you are ready for your HireVue interview, check out Voomer – where you can practice on past and present JetBlue HireVue interview questions and get AI-powered feedback on your answers to quickly improve in time for your upcoming interview!

Start practicing today for free on Voomer and land that job!

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