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What is a HireVue interview?

What is a HireVue interview?

Simply put, a HireVue interview is a relatively novel method that companies use to screen job applicants quickly. A Hirevue is a one-way interview where you will record yourself answering questions. You can complete a HireVue interview at any time as long as it is before the interview’s deadline. Regular interview conventions still apply! Ensu

re you are prepared for your HireVue interview (use a free service like Voomer), research the company you are applying for, and dress as if you are headed to a regular, one-on-one interview.

What questions will be asked on a HireVue interview?

Questions asked in a HireVue interview fall into two major categories:

  • Motivational questions: These will ask why you want to work at the organization you’ve applied to, why you are interested in that role, etc
  • Behavioral questions: These questions will probe your competencies and need to be answered using concrete examples

You can check out some HireVue questions in this article. Depending on the role you are applying to, you might be asked technical questions, but that is an exception and we rarely see questions that are not motivational or behavioral.

What can I expect from a HireVue interview?

A HireVue interview will always follow these steps:

  1. You’ll receive an email from the organization you applied to with a unique link. Do not share it with anyone!
  2. Click the link and head to the HireVue website to begin your interview
  3. You’ll get a chance to test your camera and microphone. Make sure they are working
  4. Next, the first interview question will be displayed. Typically this is as a short video, but sometimes the questions are displayed as text
  5. A timer will begin counting down. That is the time you have to prepare your answer. This timer will typically last 30 seconds. You can skip this timer if you like. The question will remain on screen while the count-down timer is running. You are NOT being recorded at this stage.
  6. Once you’ve skipped the answer prep timer (or let it count down to zero), HireVue will start recording you – this is your cue to answer the question. Another timer will start counting down, this is the time you have to answer the questions. Typically it is 120 seconds long (two minutes)
  7. After you are done answering the question and the timer has not reached zero yet, you can click on the “submit answer” button to stop the recording
  8. The next question will then be displayed and the above steps repeat themselves until there are no more questions

On occasion, you’ll also have to answer some multiple-choice or written questions. However, those questions are usually very simple, such as “do you have a valid driver’s license”. The video questions are the tricky ones, not the multiple-choice/written questions!

How do I ace the HireVue interview?

Simple – practice! You might know what a Hirevue interview is – but it is a completely different thing to be looking at your computer and have to answer a question live. Head over to Voomer where you can practice on HireVue style questions and use their AI-powered tools to quickly improve!  

Interview Prep Tips

Complete HireVue walkthrough & tips for first time interviewees!

If you are interviewing with HireVue, this blog post is for you!

I’ll walk you through the typical HireVue interview experience. I’ll share some tips for first-time HireVue interviewees that will make your job search process a little smoother.

What is a HireVue video interview?

Companies use HireVue to sort through candidates, but for you it seems it is there to give you nightmares.  HireVue is a company that provides video interviewing services, they provide a platform for live one-way interviews where you will record your answers to interview questions. As in all interviews facial expressions and body language matter who you are as well as what you say is an important part of how candiates are assess in hiring decisions.

Hiring managers have been using HireVue interviews for recruitment in everything from the most important positions in companies, such as roles with high visibility or leadership responsibilities, to entry-level positions where you are just starting to build out your resume.

The HireVue interview process usually goes as follows: You get sent an email invite, go to the hirevue website or app, record answers to questions by talking to your screen, and get an email if you got through and (sometimes) if not.

Assessed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or reviewed by a Human directly your result boils down to a collection of recommendations of Yes, Maybe or No

If you are not getting straight yesses then – lets be honest here – just like a panel interview you probably aren’t getting through this interview process.

How important are HireVue interviews?

The stakes are high. If you mess up the HireVue, that’s most likely the end of your application.

If you want to get feedback today on how you are doing, check out where you can practice for the HireVue, view practice questions, and get instant feedback.

What should I expect in a HireVue interview

Lets take a quick look through the HireVue experience today so you don’t freak out!

The intro page

This is the begining screen welcoming you to participate in a HireVue video interview

This is just a welcome screen, but this is a great time to take a deep breath, remember you got this far, and now it’s time to show why you have what it takes to get to the next interview stage.

The overview page

The overview screen tells you what to expect ahead. Make sure you feel comfortable!

Here we get an overview of how many video questions there will be to answer. If there were multiple choice, or code questions these would be listed here too. This interview has three one-way video questions. Easy right? (hmmm sound)

The welcome video

The welcome video is under appreciated. Watching it can help you feel more natural, and give the illusion of a real live interview… …to some extent.

Then we usually get a welcome video, it takes a minute or so to watch, but importantly it can help you get into the mindset that this is an interview – which is so hard to do with remote one-way video interviews.

Camera and Microphone check

A simple hardware check makes sure that the HireVue software thinks it has access to your camera and microphone technology

You’ll get a pop up that tries to make sure that HireVue is able to record you.

HireVue practice question

Then you’ll get the opportunity to see what you look like for real. This is the perfect opportunity to get yourself set up for success.

First impressions count, this isn’t a great one. Keep reading for our 7 steps to HireVue success.

Uh oh, this doesn’t look great.

You can request feedback on your technology set up for HireVue interviews using

7 quick steps to HireVue success:

#1 Add charger: don’t fail by running out of battery

Don’t be the candidate who is emailing HR begging for another chance beacuse they ran out of battery. Plug in your charger first!

#2 Check internet connection and speed: and other speed testing services can give you an idea of how strong your internet connection is.

You can use or if your able to play this video on youtube on your computer with no loading or buffering you should be all set. Look for more than 5mbps. If you are struggling with the internet connection, you can try using your school or office internet.

#3 Add boxes under your laptop to raise the webcam position to your eye level:

Boxes from your latest shopping spree can help you maintain eye-contact with the camera

This helps you to maintain eye-contact during your responses.

#4 Get rid of light from behind you: Before you start the interview make sure that you prepare by closing any curtains behind you.

#5 Put a light in front of you: You the candidate are the start of the show, highlight your skills in the content of your answer, but also make sure your face is visible to the recruiter.

#6 Use an external microphone: Many candidates forget how important the audio quality is in both live interviews and video interviews.

Close the curtains, put a light infront of you, and use an external microphone

#7 Add a feature to the background like a plant: Of course you the candidate are the focal point of the recruitment process, but your camera sees the environment around you too. Add something simple and unobtrusive. Bonus points if it is related to something about who you are that you want the recruiter to know upfront.

Simple changes to your technology and environment mean that your facial expressions and eye-contact can shine through! What a difference!

Doesn’t this look so much better?

You can request instant feedback on your video set up and technology from artificial intelligence over at ! They also have loads of practice questions.

With the practice question you have one attempt to record. Don’t expect anything more for the real thing, some companies may let you have multiple attempts but it seems to be the exception not the norm. Don’t swear if you mess up, take a breath, stay composed, and continue.

The Prep Timer

The practice question comes with a helpful overlay to get you familiar with the HireVue software

We get a brief intro to the simple layout for video questions with an overlay, you can end the preparation time early, and end your answer recording early. Usually you are given around 30 seconds to prepare. Your technology should already be sorted by this point.

Remember recording doesn’t start straight away, this is the prep time!!

Your timer counts down, and if you didn’t end early you are done!

You might have noticed the practice question is pretty generic. You can answer unlimited specific practice questions with Voomer and get feedback from artificial intelligence on your performance before you dive into your HireVue video interview. Check out our YouTube and other articles for tips on questions, answers, and getting prepared for the assessments.

The real HireVue interview

When you click Begin, the HireVue interview will start immediately.

Now the serious part. Before you click “begin” make sure you are in the right mindset:

  1. Prepare yourself and your environment. Dress as you would if your one-way video interview was a live interview.
  2. Go in feeling great!
  3. Remember to sit the landing and finish your answer before the timer runs out. Talk natural. Act natural.
  4. Structure your answer using the CAR or STAR method.

After you complete your first answer take a breath and continue, if something didn’t go quite right don’t sweat it. Reset, game face on.

Once you finish a question you will sometimes have a few moments to take a breath before the next question.

Rinse and repeat until all the HireVue questions are done.

You made it!!!

You made it, this is the confirmation of completion screen.

Congratulations! You did it! Even getting through the HireVue is a victory you shouldn’t underestimate. Speaking confidently and concisely in a one way video interview is a skill you have to develop over time. Its not natural and its not comfortable. Great work.

Now relax,  take another deep breath, and reflect on what you thought were the best parts of the interview, what were the challenges, which questions you want to prepare for more in the future, and what areas of your resume you highlighted well, and areas next time you might focus more on.

The “Thank You” video

The company’s HireVue thank you video, where you’ll be thanked for your time.

Watch the thank you video. Remember although the experience is deeply impersonal, alien, and was you alone. you are now one step further on your journey to achieving your goals and getting the job!

One HireVue mistake to avoid

That was our brief overview of an experience on the HireVue platform, but what about how to avoid the one mistake that can totally derail you.

Well the one thing that messes many people up is that the real interview question timer does not start up the same way as the practice interview timer. When the timer starts up unexpectedly it can really throw you off course.

When you click begin to start your HireVue interview, be ready to begin, your prep time will start ticking down immediately!

Our advice, practice makes perfect. You can find practice questions and get feedback that builds up your confidence on

From all of us at Voomer: Good luck in your interview!

Interview Prep Tips

HireVue Tip #1: Lighting


Have you been ever been on a Zoom or FaceTime call and the other person was barely visible due to a lack of light or so backlit you could only see their outline?

Those issues are caused by bad lighting – and it can happen on your HireVue as well!

It doesn’t matter if the company you are applying to uses HireVue’s AI analysis system or only allows humans to review videos – bad lighting can destroy your chances of getting a job in both situations.

This is an extremely easy issue to fix, and it will set you apart from the other applicants before you even open your mouth to answer the first question.

Read on below to find out how, or use a platform like Voomer to get AI-powered feedback on your lighting set up.

Step 1

Make sure your face is well lit by placing lights behind your camera.

This makes sure your facial body language is picked up by HireVue’s AI or the human reviewer quickly – they don’t have to struggle to see whether or not you are smiling or grimacing.

Furthermore, having your face well lit demonstrates to the reviewers that you took the time to plan your HireVue interview in advance and are a serious candidate for the job.

Interview lighting tip, light behind camera
Place a light behind the camera

Step 2

Remove or turn off any lights that are in front of the camera.

This prevents overexposing your background – that’s when your background is a very bright white. Overexposed backgrounds can be very distracting, especially as your camera will usually try to automatically compensate for this and reduce the exposure of the entire frame – which brings the brightness of your face down.

As we discussed in step 1, the most important issue on your HireVue lighting wise is to have your face well lit! So a bright background negates that benefit.

Keep in mind that windows and mirror behind you (like in the middle picture below) also can cause your background to be over exposed.

Long story short – no lights behind you!

Step 3

Use as much natural light as possible.

Natural light looks great on anybody and helps to brighten up an environment almost uniformly. So open up those curtains!

Just keep in mind step 2 above – if your windows are facing the camera, keep the curtains closed or – even better – angle the camera away from the window so you can still use natural light.

Use natural light

Conclusion and bonus tip

Thinking for just a minute about your HireVue lighting will put you ahead of everyone that didn’t think about their lighting set up before even answering the first question. Believe me when I say that the vast majority of applicants submitting HireVue intervews don’t even realize that lighting is a key deciding factor in whether or not your HireVue interview will be sucessful.

Use a platform like Voomer to check if your lighting is up to scratch. You’ll get AI-powered feedback on your lighting and recommendations on how to improve it.

On top of that, with Voomer you’ll get access to hundreds of questions asked in HireVue interviews broken down by company and role. Start practicing for your HireVue interview on Voomer today!

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