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The Ultimate Waterloo Conrad MBA Kira Interview Question Bank


Everything submitted. Application done. “Oh wait what?! There is some sort of video requirement?”. Yes, that’s right you’ve just remembered you have to complete a video interview (as The University of Waterloo‘s Conrad Business School – calls it, or the “Kira interview” which is what everyone calls it!) as part of your application to proceed – and you definitely don’t want this derailing your application.

The Conrad Business School at the University of Waterloo requires a Kira interview

We’ve researched an extensive, but not exhaustive, set of possible questions to help with your preparation – and guess what! All these prompts are built into Voomer’s AI-powered video assessment tools.

Waterloo’s Conrad MBA Kira interview structure

The University of Waterloo’s Conrad admissions started using Kira interviews as part of their admissions process some years ago, and this academic year is no different.

Admissions wants applicants to have a chance to make their case in a more interesting medium such as video, since the essays and test scores can be very dry.

The way the Kira interview works is as follows:  A few weeks after you submit your application and you are successful in getting approved by the first stage of the admissions process, you will receive a video interview invitation by email.

After receiving the invitation, you will have a few days to complete the video interview – make sure you use that time to prepare with a platform like Voomer, don’t rush off and record your answers immediately.

University Waterloo’s Conrad MBA Kira Interview Questions

The questions you’ll be asked in your Kira interview can be split into two main categories.  

The first category will be behavioral questions, which will take a look at the competencies that The University Waterloo’s Conrad Business School is interested in.  You’ve probably been asked one of those before, they usually start with “tell me about a time when…”.

We wrote a great article on how to tackle those here.

The second category will be questions that probe your motivation and drive.  For example, those questions will ask you about the reasons for deciding to apply for an MBA.

There is a third category, but it rarely shows up on Kira interviews, so we won’t go into too much depth in this article.  These are questions that probe technical knowledge in your field of expertise, what the latest innovations are, etc. Since those questions are highly context-dependent and Kira is a “one size fits all” solution, they rarely crop up.

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Next steps

Practice on those sample questions in your own time to think about answers that reflect your true self and also check the boxes that admissions is looking for.

For more of those questions and to get AI-powered feedback on your results, check out Voomer today and get started with a free trial.

If you feel we’ve left anything important from the Kira interview at The University Waterloo’s Conrad Business School out and would like us to update this article, please email us: [email protected]