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HireVue Tip #4: Camera Angle


A very important part of your HireVue interview is how you present yourself to the viewer – be it a human viewer looking at your recorded answers or HireVue’s AI.

An oft neglected part of this is your camera angle.

Just think of how people usually talk to each other face to face – at eye level right?

However, when sitting at a desk, our laptop cameras as usually below our eye level, so we angle the cameras upwards so that our face can be seen.  The result is that you’ll give HireVue a nice view of your nostrils! That doesn’t help anybody, so lets look into ways to fix this issue and get you that dream job.

After you go through the steps below, try a platform like Voomer to get AI-powered feedback on how you are doing with your camera angle and several other important aspects of your video interview.

Step 1

If using a laptop with an integrated webcam, raise the laptop to eye level by elevating it with books.

Make sure the camera lens is perpendicular to your eyes, you’ll probably have to angle the screen (where most laptop cameras are embedded) a little towards you to get a good angle.

Laptop raised on pile of books
You can use books to raise your camera to eye level


Step 2

If using a cell phone, you also want it at your eye level.

The major difference here is that cell phones don’t really stand up without any independent support, so what you need to do it place it on some sort of cradle.

There are several different ways you can hack together a cell phone stand out of household materials.  You can also just buy one if it makes your life easier.

Using a cell phone stand guarantees your phone will stay put in the correct angle after you’ve raised it to your eye level.

Step 3

Make sure the objects you’ve used to prop up your laptop or cell phone are sturdy!

I’ve seen countless videos where cameras are set on top of flimsy objects and will shake and vibrate as the applicant is recording their videos.  

Viewing a video that is shaky is just as bad as viewing one that has a bad camera angle.  Both usually go hand in hand, so keep an eye out for this issue!

Conclusion and one last tip

Having your camera raised up to your eye level and tilting it forward to be perpendicular to your face is an essential step in your HireVue preparation.  You’ll effectively simulate a conversation at eye level, which will ease the connection you’re trying to build with the person viewing your video.  In the case that the HireVue AI is analyzing your video, this will make it easier for it to analyze your facial expressions and improve your chances at getting that dream job.

Use a platform like Voomer that also uses AI-powered technology to check if your camera angle and stability are good to go for your interview.  On top of that, you’ll get access to hundreds of HireVue style questions, broken down by company and role.  

Start practicing on Voomer for free today!

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By David Anderton-Yang

David Anderton-Yang is the CEO and co-founder of Voomer where AI as a force for good, helping people be more confident on video.

He is a former researcher at the MIT Media Lab, Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree.

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