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HireVue Tip #2: Eye contact


Pull up your most recent group selfie. Notice how most of the people seem to be looking slightly away from the camera.

That’s what happens when you aren’t aware of where the camera actually is and just focus on the image or video being shown back to you!

On a HireVue interview, maintaining a decent amount of eye contact is key to your success – regardless if your video is being assessed by HireVue’s AI or by a human reviewer.

Follow the steps below to ensure you make as much eye contact as possible. You can also use a platform like Voomer that provides AI-powered feedback on your eye contact when answering questions.

Step 1

Understand where camera is, and look at it!

The first part of that sentence might seem obvious, but you need to REALLY understand where the “selfie cam” on your phone or webcam on your laptop is.

With the camera app open in selfie mode, run your fingers around the bezel of the phone or laptop until you see a finger pop into the screen. That’s when you’ve found the camera!

Now you have to practice looking at the camera while you deliver your HireVue answers. That is easier said than done, so take a look at the next two steps.

Step 2

HireVue has a toggle in their recording interface that allows you to switch the video of yourself on or off.

We highly recommend toggling the video off. Don’t worry, HireVue still has access to your camera and will record your answers just fine.

Turning your video off allows you to do two things. It focuses your attention on looking at the camera, not at your video. That will increase the time you look at the camera and therefore the perceived eye contact.

The second thing this does is it avoid you freaking out about pet peeves of yours that honestly don’t matter one bit to the interviewer. You might be extremely self conscious about something on your face – a bad haircut you just got, a double chin, whatever. But the truth is that Hirevue’s AI review or the human reviewer just don’t care.

So toggle that camera off and focus on the questions and your answers!

Step 3

Recording your HireVue answers while looking at the camera is not something easy to do.

If you are unable to do that for the duration of all your answers, do the second best thing: Look at the camera when you are mentioning something particularly important on your answer.

That way you highlight parts of your answer that really matter and drive engagement with the person (or AI!) viewing your answers.


Looking at the camera when doing your HireVue can be very challenging. Follow the above steps to make sure you are able to look at the camera during most of your answer.

Use a platform like Voomer to get AI-powered feedback on your eye contact skills. You’ll also gain access to hundreds of common Hirevue questions broken down by company and role.

Practicing your HireVue on Voomer will build up your confidence so you can land that dream job!

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By David Anderton-Yang

David Anderton-Yang is the CEO and co-founder of Voomer where AI as a force for good, helping people be more confident on video.

He is a former researcher at the MIT Media Lab, Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree.

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