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How recruiters can use video effectively


As everyone in the human resources space can tell you, recruiting, screening and hiring has changed dramatically after COVID.

However, COVID’s impact on recruiting – the video interview – wasn’t something new. COVID just accelerated its adoption to the near-ubiquitous presence video calls have today.

In this article, I’ll lay out how the video interview experts at Voomer suggest recruiters can use video to reach better outcomes for their customers and clients.

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We’ve all read the news. The “great resignation” is upon us. In today’s candidate-driven job market, flexible hours and working arrangements are expected by default.

If you are in the knowledge worker recruiting space, that means lots of remote work – via video! Fortunately, most companies have embraced this trend, and you should too.

Meet candidates where they are – online.

First, develop your personal brand (like the great Adam Karpiak has done very successfully). His brand revolves around public accountants and whenever a job seeker searches for jobs in that space,

Second, be open to have “coffee” virtually at short notice with people interested in the space. Publicize that fact on your social media so that people feel at ease about reaching out. This helps bring the most motivated and interested talent to you, rather than you having to go out and hunt for them!


The greatest advantage of screening using video calls is speed.

By combining resources like Calendly or Doodle (free online solutions to speed up meeting coordination) with Zoom or Google Meet, you can dramatically decrease the time spent coordinating interviews.

What this means, is that for the same amount of time you’d spend working on candidates before embracing video, you’ll be able to interview a far greater number of candidates.

So now you have the time to talk to another 3-5 candidates that you weren’t entirely sure about on paper. You’ll be able to get a better feel for these candidates that you aren’t 100% sold on their resumes/applications.

Ultimately, you’ll screen more candidates and therefore produce a great finalist shortlist.


Along the same lines of the above point, use video to your advantage at the selection stage.

If we look at research on decision processes and how these affect outcomes, consensus-based decisions have the best and most lasting outcomes.

Video enables all stakeholders to quickly and effectively join a call and flesh out who the consensus candidate is.

Previously due to time constraints, the hiring manager might have very limited input from the other stakeholders of the hiring process – which leads to worse outcomes.

Insist on bringing all the stakeholders together for the selection meeting and push for a consensus candidate. If your official role was only to supply a finalist shortlist, try and become the group’s mediator.


Embrace video to become a better recruiter – more efficient and more effective recruiting, focusing on the tasks that add the most value.

This ultimately allows you to screen more candidates, in more detail and present a better finalist shortlist to your clients.

How have you been leveraging video in recruiting? Do you disagree with something in this article? We’d love to know!

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