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Congratulations!  If you’ve been invited for an interview, that means you’ve made the first cut.  Your test scores are in the range that the MBA program you selected is looking for, your GPA is good enough and your essays are compelling.  However, all of that is now in the past.

Whether you get in or not now depends on only one thing – the dreaded MBA interview.  Admissions isn’t just listening to what you have to say, they are also listening to how you say things, which under certain circumstances can be more important than the former.

Preparing for your interview is of paramount importance.  Not all MBA programs are looking for the same type of applicant.  They all have different sets of priorities for their class profiles and they use the interview to confirm what they read in your written submission packet, make a call on someone who they might be on the fence about or choose between two or more candidates with extremely similar qualifications and profiles.  

Different schools interview in different ways, with some using asynchronous and synchronous interviews, others only using synchronous interviews ().

How to prep – MBA consultants

Using MBA consultants to prepare for MBA interviews is a relatively common way applicants prepare for interviews.  However, they have a few flaws, which means they might not be for you.

MBA consultants can be extraordinarily expensive.  A “start-to-finish” package for just one application can cost close to $5,000.  Hourly rates for consultants with solid track records can start at $1,000 per hour.

MBA consultants also aren’t always available at a moment’s notice.  Since almost all MBA programs around the world run on very similar schedules, the application cycles are also very similar.  That means that if you got lucky and got invited to an interview at your dream school, the MBA consultant you think is right for you might simply be fully booked for the season.

A critical issue with MBA consultants is that they are human.  Yes, they might have a lot of experience in giving advice on how to ace the interview at a certain program, but ultimately they are human, and humans are subjective creatures.  Their feedback and next steps suggestions might be flat out wrong simply because they are having a bad day or just need to get off the call with you quickly to deal with something more urgent.

How to prep – MBA consultant alternatives

If you are looking for a way to prep for your MBA video interview while not dealing with any of the issues you’ll encounter with MBA consultants, look no further – use Voomer.

Voomer is a MBA video interview prep platform that does away with those issues since it is fully automated.  Artificial intelligence powers the video and audio analysis to ensure that you prep for your interview in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Voomer focuses on your verbal and nonverbal communication to deliver a holistic analysis of your interview prep performance.  Individual scores for each component of your interview allow you to zero in on what is holding you back and suggests personalized next steps to help you improve as fast as possible.  The objective nature of the analysis algorithm ensures you are measuring your progress in a consistent manner, which helps to make your progress clear and keeps you motivated.

Since Voomer is fully automated, you don’t rely on others to sync up their schedules with you.  You can prep anytime, anywhere.  After submitting one or more videos for analysis, our algorithms run through your videos to deliver results as fast as possible so you can keep improving on your time.

Try Voomer today and start with a free evaluation of your MBA video interview skills.

By David Anderton-Yang

David Anderton-Yang is the CEO and co-founder of Voomer where AI as a force for good, helping people be more confident on video.

He is a former researcher at the MIT Media Lab, Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree.

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