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5 songs to get you ready to rock your recorded interview

If you are the type of person who loves music to get their blood pumping just before they have to perform their very best, we have our five top voted songs for getting you ready for Kira and HireVue interviews below. And for good luck we’ve also added one track to dance around and celebrate your success with!

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#1 Guaranteed Hot Sh*t

We know that you are, you know that you are, now they need to know you are. Nothing less than Guaranteed Hot Sh*t by 215 Asasinz

Guaranteed Hot Sh*t by 215 Asasinz

#2 Roar

You are here to overcome the challenge, don’t hold back. Don’t whisper and instead Roar with Katy Perry

Roar by Katy Perry

#3 Remember the Name

Make sure they remember your name, and whatever you do you do not forget theirs! Remember the Name, Fort Minor.

Remember the Name, Fort Minor

#4 Easy Love

You’ve got this. You’ve put in the work, and now it is as simple as 1. 2. 3. Sigala with Easy Love.

Sigala with Easy Love

#5 The Final Countdown

5. And as that preparation time counter starts up, we couldn’t help ourselves but give you a classic – Europe slamming The Final Countdown

Europe – The Final Countdown

#🏆 I Feel Good


The interview is done, take a step back and reflect. You did it! Now let’s wait on that offer. And, when you are ready – it is time for you to feel good! James Brown – I feel good.

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If you want to be listening to James Brown in celebration sooner rather than later don’t forget to try out Voomer and prep for your upcoming recorded interview.

Let us know if you have any songs that get you going enough for us to update the list by sending us an email to [email protected]

Our Top 5 Songs to Rock Your Recorded Interview

By David Anderton-Yang

David Anderton-Yang is the CEO and co-founder of Voomer where AI as a force for good, helping people be more confident on video.

He is a former researcher at the MIT Media Lab, Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree.

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